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The last of whats left is a band from Jacksonville Fl.


Please "Like" Us on facebook. We wanna meet new Friends and Fans so please, Come talk to us!

Listen to our music for free at purevolume!

Other link: (Add us everywhere)

New 2011 cd "Anonymity" on itunes:


(years worth of videos)Youtube:

Band Blog:

Myspace(We dont use this that offent):


!!!!!!!!!- Phillip -!!!!!!!!!
Guitar, lyrics, voice, keyboard, mixing&mastering
!!!!!!!!!- Dault -!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bass, keyboard, back up voice

Drummer? We are 100% looking for a drummer to play live shows with us. If you are a drummer please mail us! (
Tho we dont have a drummer it does not stop us. Our new cd has drums done by our producer and we play acoustic shows live.

A fire inside, Aiden/william, little wayne, eminem, blink 182, Tom delonge, Robert smith.... Tho im sure i missed a few im REALLY strict on who i listen to and take notes from...

Sounds Like:
(A gun shot, over and over) A broken mans sad story about a girl over and over again with a hint of giving up faith and knowing that nothing in this world last for ever and no one cares or ever will care enough to ever make my dreams come true for a moment. I am the last of whats left.. I wanna sound like my self, but most just say i sound like green day or blink 182 (who i love and grow up with)